About Us

Kalles Property Management has been in business for over 20 years around the greater South Puget Sound area. Kalles Properties Management’s family heritage of property management makes us a pillar of the community. In the Puyallup and Tacoma areas, Kalles Properties Management has continued to grow and stay very active in the community. Currently Kalles Properties Management is entrusted with the management of homes, condos, homeowners’ associations (HOA), and apartment complexes.

Our Promise

Performance and excellence in quality of service. Our clients are our partners. We believe in helping our owners, renters and board members carryout in an efficient manner their housing needs. For our property owners this translates into a focus on maximizing profits and protection of your assets. For tenants this means quality housing and proper support for their new home.

Our Mission

To be the leader in the property management industry through delivery of innovative management solutions that provides our customers superior property protection and profit maximization.

Our Core Values

  • Performance Driven: We believe in high-performance that breeds ambitious goals that are passionately pursued.
  • Market Dominance: We focus on developing premier products and services that deliver great customer service. This strength translates into a commanding position in all markets we enter.
  • Team Commitment: We are dedicated to the performance of the team and a respect for the individuals that shape our teams.
  • Innovation Excellence: We relentlessly focus on solutions to reshape our business and the marketplace.
  • Citizenship Lived: We operate with the highest integrity and respect for all customers, employees, groups and individuals that interact with our businesses.

Find a Rental

The Pacific Northwest is a great place to call home. We offer only the finest quality rentals in Tacoma, Puyallup & surrounding areas. Start your search today!

Residential Management

We offer comprehensive services to handle all your management needs, including maintenance, inspections, accounting and more!

Condo/HOA Management

Let us handle it all. Communicating with owners, collecting dues, enforcing rules, handling emergencies and more!